SCSI Hard Disk Emulator (ACD-75141)


It becomes more and more difficult to buy any SCSI hard drive from the market, however it is still quite demanding from most of the semi conductor factories since lots of the 6” / 8” tools are still running properly; with the most experience in the semi conductor tools technologies ACS has developed a single drive that use the current popular SATA hard drive to emulate as a SCSI hard drive, you are now no longer to worry about any purchasing resources of the SCSI hard drives any more.


  • Slim Sze: External dimension is as the same as the hard disk drive.
  • Plug & Play: No additional driver or software requirement.
  • Compatible with any current brand and capacity hard drives as along as the drives meet standard SATA spec.
  • Comply with any standard SCSI interface at he host end.
  • The most cost effective solution.



  • Host / Device Interface: SCSI DB 68pin interface (ACD-75141) ; SCSI SCA 80pin interface (ACD-75161)
  • Hard Disk Interface: 2.5”SATA hard drive x 1
  • Disk Capacity Supported: Up to 2TB
  • Dimension: 147 (L) x 100 (W) x 21 (H) mm
  • OS compatibility:  Dos / Window NT / Window 2000 / Windows XP / SUN Solaris 7, 9 / Linux Fedora core5 / HP-UX / SCO_UNIX

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