3Bay RAID Box Solution of T company



Help TSMC to install 3 bays triple HDD on the tools to support not just system HDD mirroring, but also includes backup function of the system drive.


Production Line Equipment:

Ebara 300S/300S2


AccuDual Products:

ACD-76302 (SATA host interface)

Case Studies

AccuDual Triple HDD product has successfully replaced the original hard disk in the Ebara 300S/300S2 models in 2011in TXXC; the installation is completed in 2-3 hours. (The length of time depends on the original hard drive size and placement of the installation location.)


Product Feature:

  • Schedulable online disk auto backup solution.
  • Auto backup data from 1st to 2nd disk drive.
  • All disk drives are hot swappable function, no production interruption.
  • Real time monitor disk status & auto alert the disk failure by LED/LCD.
  • Unique battery backup module: Provide small UPS to filter out the noise & stabilize the power output.
  • SCSI & IDE interfaces are available.
  • GUI utility for backup scheduling.
  • Driverless, 100% hardware RAID
  • 3 Bay RAID Controller provide Windows based user interface for configuring disk-backup schedule as user desired.
  • User can be easy to set up the auto data backup schedule.

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