Accudual’s Remote Control Management (RCM) solution provides secure, controlled local and remote access to hundreds of semiconductor manufacturing devices. The Keyboard, Video and Mouse of the embedded PC in the equipment connects to ACD-52300 in the clean room, then this equipment can be remote accessed by office computers via web browser over WAN/ LAN. This allows fewer operators to manage a greater number of servers from anywhere, at any time.

  • Features: 

    • Centralized monitoring of hundreds/ thousands of factory devices
    • Remote access and control of clean room equipment from laptop, PC or User Station
    • Local access to equipment on the fab floor, with the ability to disable remote access
    • Controlled access to factory equipment by multiple users over LAN & WAN
    • Plug & play, without additional software or driver.
    • Java-free access available for Windows, Linux and Mac desktops.
    • Java-free, web browser serial access via the HTML Serial Client (HSC).
    • Up to eight users can connect and remotely access each connected server, useful for administrator collaboration for teamed troubleshooting of servers.







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