Improve the stability of production equipment of NEC


AccuDual dual HDD installed on Shanghai Huanghong NEC Electronics’ 8 inch deep submicron VLSI production line

Production Line Equipment:
AMAT (Applied Material Inc.) Centura/Endura mainframe

AccuDaul product:
ACS-75241 dual HDD (SCSI interface at host)


Case Studies

Shanghai Huanghong NEC electronics is one of the major manufacturers of the IC core business in mainland China, and now is capable of 100,000 wafers per month.

In order to improve the factory productivity, the engineer from Huahong NEC approved Accudual’s duall HDD mirror RAID system to be installed on their AMAT (Applied Material Inc) Endura/Centura mainframes; the installation which included: change original 4G hdd; rebuild system in new hdd, mirroring new hdd,and of course mount everything back to the most proper fit position and then reboot system to ensure everything back to normal operation only took less than 2 hours, and you don’t need to worry about any hdd failure again ever since.

AccuDual is specialized in the RAID technology for years, based on the cored technology and market requirement of the semiconductor industry, we developed our dual hdd to provide auto back solution, especially for semiconductor fabs, LCD fabs, Solar fabs...etc, and this mirroring data solution, your equipments are now no longer need to worry about the HDD crashed any more.

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