SCSI Floppy Emulator Application



Help UMC to install the 1.44MB SCSI interface floppy which is no longer popular in the market

Production Line Equipment:

AMAT (Applied Material) Centura platform

AccuDual Products:

ACD-73100 SCSI Floppy (1.44MB)

Case Studies


AccuDual ACD-73100 is developed according to demands for floppy diskette applied to semiconductor-related machine. It features the SCSI interface and CF card for storage media, which not only solved the problem of lacking of supply on the market, also had improved considerably in effectiveness.


Case express

Hsin-tsu Science park UxC, Replacing original floppy diskette by ACD-73100 on AMAT P-5000 tool, it solved the problem that can’t saving file while system is processing production. It can save at least 40% times to save file, because the media is CF but no longer the floppy diskette.

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