2Bay RAID Box is applicated on AMAT Centura


Hsin-Tsu science park UMC Semiconductor.

Production Line Equipment:
AMAT (Applied Material) 200mm Centura PVD tools.

AccuDual Product:
ACS-75241 (Dual HDD with SCSI host device interface)

Case Studies


Installation/product brief:

Dual HDD (ACS-75000 series) is designed for application on control system of semiconductor production equipment. Dual HDD featuring characteristics of RAID1, it mirrors data to 2 hard drives in RAID box simultaneously as real-time backup, it also featuring intelligent on-line recovery, it can pre-detect and remap bad sectors of hard drive to prevent the data inside of hard drive corrupted. It reduces the risk of system crash that caused by HDD malfunction and also delivers optimized performance.


Dual HDD provide real time monitoring, when one of hard drive of RAID group failed, the other one will take over immediately to keep system working properly and hot swap function provide replacing hard drive on-line, so the system can keep production without system down time, and save the time to recover the tool.

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