Replace CRT solution of U company


alternative CRT solution for Hsin Chu industrial park UMC semiconductor factory.

Production Line Equipment:
AMAT (Applied Material) Centura / Endurar

AccuDual Product:

Case Studies

CRT monitor has gradually been replaced by LCD monitor, and most of the 300mm systems(12” wafer factory) are already using touch screen for the system operation control; ACD-10203 combined LCD touch screen and system input signal in single unit to replace heavy CRT monitor and light pen on the AMAT semiconductor systems seamlessly. It is compatible and works with Centura, P5000, PI9500, and Endura systems.

Engineers of Company UXX use Accudual 17 Integrated Touch Screen on AMAT (Applied Material) Centura / Endurar to replace the original CRT screen. Integrated Touch Screen (ACD-10203) plug and play, no additional software and drive requirement. Provide a VESA standard hanger hole, easily to on the wall, saving the space.

ACD-10203 has displaced cathode ray tube (CRT) displays in most applications. They are more compact, lightweight, portable, less expensive, more reliable, and easier on the eyes. Also, it is more energy efficient and offer safer disposal than CRTs!

  • About 60% reduce in power utilization.
  • About 90% package size reduction.
  • CRT: 43.2 cm LCD: 5.5 cm; 5.5/43.2=0.127 (13%) Save 87%
  • Increased screen luminescence.
  • Longer life time than CRT monitor.
  • Increased mean time between failures.
  • Lighter and thinner than CRT, increasing mobility.
  • CRT: 15 kg LCD: 8 Kg
  • The steel frame module provides high integration and durability.
  • Anti-shaking with a steel stand rack while touch the screen.

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